Safety Policy

Safety Policy: All customers purchasing Bug-A-Salt products must certify that they are eighteen years of age or older and agree to the terms and conditions contained herewith in the "Safety Policy and Code of Conduct" prior to completing their order.

SKELL Inc., makers of Bug-A-Salt products, MACVAD EUROPA GmbH, MACVAD Ltd, and its employees, officers, directors, contractors and advisors all take safety seriously. That's why we've put together this "Safety Policy and Code of Conduct" for the use of our product. If you do not agree to abide by this "Safety Policy and Code of Conduct," do not purchase the Bug-A-Salt for yourself or for others.

  1. Treat the Bug-A-Salt product with care at all times. Do not under any circumstances aim the product at any person, pet, or valuable personal property. Never leave the product in a position where it can cause injury or damage to people, pets, or personal property.
  2. Never aim Bug-A-Salt products in the direction of a person's body, face or eyes. The product is designed to be used to target flies and other harmless insects and should not be used in a way that could cause injury to people or pets.
  3. Bug-A-Salt products are intended only to disperse salt on flies and other harmless insects. Do not use the product to disperse salt on any other animals including cats, dogs, and other mammals. Do not disperse salt on mice, rats or other rodents. Do not attempt to disperse salt on poisonous or otherwise dangerous insects/invertebrates, reptiles, or mammals, including but not limited to bees, wasps, spiders, snakes, and scorpions. Do not disperse salt on beneficial insects such as butterflies and other pollinating insects.
  4. Under no circumstances should the Bug-A-Salt product be modified in any way. Modification of the product voids the warranty and is extremely dangerous and in some localities against the law. SKELL Inc., MACVAD EUROPA GmbH, and MACVAD Ltd are not responsible for injury or death related to any modification of the product either in appearance, structure, or internal mechanisms. Customers purchasing or using the product are solely responsible for understanding the laws governing the purchase and use of the product in your country, state, or municipality.
  5. Do not tamper with, alter, paint over, or remove any safety features or warning labels on the product. These features and labels are designed to keep you and others safe while using the product. Failure to follow this requirement could result in injury or harm to yourself or others.
  6. Under no circumstance should any other projectile, including but not limited to objects, powders, chemicals, liquids, or other substances, be loaded into the Bug-A-Salt product except for ordinary table salt (NaCL). SKELL Inc., MACVAD EUROPA GmbH, and MACVAD Ltd, its employees, officers, directors and advisors, and contractors are not responsible for the unauthorized use of any type of projectile not expressly recommended by the company for use in the product.
  7. The purchaser and users of Bug-A-Salt products are solely and fully responsible for understanding and complying with country, state and other municipal/local laws related to their purchase, possession, and use of the product. The purchaser agrees to accept all responsibility for declaring the product to the appropriate Customs Service in the country they are having it shipped to. SKELL Inc., MACVAD EUROPA GmbH, and MACVAD Ltd are not responsible for the loss or confiscation of a Bug-A-Salt product by the Customs Service or other regulatory authority in the country or region it is being shipped/imported into.
  8. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 without the direct supervision of a responsible adult who has read and understood this Safety Policy and Code of Conduct. SKELL Inc., MACVAD EUROPA GmbH, and MACVAD Ltd, its employees, officers, directors, and advisors and contractors are not responsible for the unauthorized or unsupervised use of the Bug-A-Salt product by persons under the age of 18, and we will not sell the product to anyone who has not certified that they are eighteen or older and read, understood, and agreed to this "Safety Policy and Code of Conduct".
  9. If you have questions about the safe use of this product either before or after its purchase, please contact us by detailed email at Immediately discontinue using the product if you do not feel confident that you understand the above "Safety Policy and Code of Conduct".
  10. Please view the instructional/safety video on YouTube detailing how to use the Bug-A-Salt product before using it.
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